Podcast Recap: Samantha Ponder on the Refined Collective



Up until 2015, Samantha Ponder, to me, was just a reporter on ESPN. The female empowerment, " go girl" side of me thought it was neat that a female reporter was commentating on football, but that was about it.  When I started following her on Instagram, I became inspired by her authentic self and how real she was on social media. She laughs at her "mom fails", isn't afraid to lounge around in sweats for 95% of the time, and is open about her beliefs. Here was someone who was easy to relate to, and kind of inspiring. Earlier this month she was interviewed by the Refined Collective Podcast, and you can imagine my excitement. This particular podcast brought home some key points and reminders we could all use on a daily basis.

I highly suggest you listen to the whole thing, but I thought I would summarize the main points I took home with hope it will inspire you!

  1. Advancing Your Way through Your Career

Sam Ponder drives home the importance of developing and "cultivating" relationships throughout your journey in your career. I think she does an excellent point of stating that "people are people", and by taking time to get to know someone will leave an impression. You're investments in people by being engaged and curious will add up, and prepare you for those "suddenly I'm here" moments. By understanding this around you, you're better prepared to take those big "job steps" and tackle those advancements.

2. Embracing Insecurities

In today's world, we as women especially, are expected to be strong and have it all together. The world makes it you're not a bada** if you can't juggle everything at once, and put in 110% of all you have. We feel alone with this insecurity, but on this podcast episode, they stress that we're not. I love how Ponder and Harris talk about how our insecurities make us unique, and connect us to those around us. Ponder states " how boring would it be to sit down and have a conversation with the perfect woman?"; I had never thought that before. That made me stop and go "wait she's right!". Our insecurities allow us to form relationships by relating to one another, building on our experiences to help ourselves and those around us thrive. The person with the beautiful Instagram page, the girl with the perfect fitness regimen, or the girl killing it at her job all probably share the same worries and fears we do, and want to connect with someone on that same level. That's how we become a bada** at what we do, by using our insecurity and struggle to shape us and work together.

3. Marriage and the Commitment to Working it Out

Did you know that Sam Ponder and her husband married only after 3 months?! Crazy I know, and definitely go listen to the podcast to find out more, but I loved her discussion on how they make marriage work. She points out that "comfort is boring" and there is "beauty in the process"; they take the hardships and use them to grow and refine one another. Being a sort of newly wed, this point really stuck out as something to remember for the further. Embrace the struggle, commit to working it out, and allow yourself to grow.

See how relatable she can be! I was saying "yes" and shaking my head with "preach girl" the whole time I was listening. I loved how inspiring and empowering she was, and I hope you find the same when you tune in. I took notes in a place that I can reflect back on and remind myself to embrace the struggle on those tough days. My favorite line and one I hope you remember is there is "beauty in the process".

Podcasts to me are a perfect learning opportunity, and I love listening to them throughout the week. While you can sometimes catch me with a good murder mystery, I love listening to discussions about current events, social issues, and successful women who share their stories. Take a listen to this episode, you'll definitely be left feeling inspired!



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