Fashion Find: Aerie Bathing Suits


I feel like summer was official after a couple of weekends ago at my friend's, Shannon, house where she hosted a pool party and low country boil. It was so much fun to hang out with friends sipping on rose in the pool, and then sitting around eating crab and shrimp while catching up.


Us girls had fun talking bathing suits, especially how much we missed the Victoria Secret ones, can usually find one at Target last minute, and are pretty excited Aerie now sales them. When getting ready for my honeymoon last fall, I found a couple from there and fell in love with their brand. I especially love how they model them in all shapes and sizes, making it easier when shopping for a suit.


Can we just have a moment of silence for those great Victoria Secret bathing suits that you could mix and match, and wear season after season?!


This suit from Aerie is the one I loved to wear the most on my honeymoon. It's a one piece (can I get an amen for these being back to stay!), but the open back makes it fun and reduces tan lines.


It very comfortable and flattering, plus you get two bathing suits in one! You can wear it as a regular halter, or twist halter for the cut out on the front! I got another suit, and unfortunately we were having too much fun to get a good picture. But this bright red colored top was so comfortable, and can be mix matched with bottoms ( I chose navy). The straps were supportive and gave that "bandeau" look across the front. (I know, you can barely see the suit, but this picture is one of my favorites from our honeymoon)


Right now Aerie is having a big sale, 50 to 65% of their swimwear right now! So, happy shopping! Remember, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. I do receive a small commission for each click on items below.