Cheese Board Essentials


Super Bowl Sunday brought one of my favorite appetizers out, the Cheese Board. I never get tired of a good cheese and charcuterie, I could eat it every night for dinner. Each restaurant we try, I usually end up ordering this as an appetizer. And with the right cheese and charcuterie selection, you can easily assemble one for home!

We found our items at Trader Joes, but you can find wonderful selections from your local grocery store or gourmet shop! We put crackers and French bread out, but sometimes you don't even need that for the base.



We usually have 3 to 4 cheeses, maybe 5 if we are hosting a crowd. But you don't want to overwhelm everyone with too many to choose from. For cheese types, we pick a soft goat milk cheese, hard cheese, and a specialty cheese. It's rare that you have a bad specialty cheese, but be careful to not fill your plate with a bunch of them. You don't want to have too many strong flavors. If you don't like goat's milk, pick a brie to use instead.


From left to right, the first is "The Chèvre" goat cheese, "Bruschetta Monterey Jack Cheese", "English Cheddar with Italian Truffles", and the "Creamy Toscano Cheese". Technically there are two speciality cheeses on there, but the Monterey Jack is very mild and does not have a  strong flavor. We needed a fourth cheese, and this was the milder one available in the fridge.


Sometimes you can stop at the cheese, but when hosting, we like to add a charcuterie board. You can find a mix of your favorites at any grocery store. As with the cheeses, don't get too fancy with the selection. You want milder flavors, with maybe one speciality available.


From left to right, we have "Calabrese Salame", "Del Duca Prosciutto", "Capocollo", and in the middle Volpi brand "Sopressata Salame". These were also found at Trader Joes, and the first three came in a combined variety pack. If you can find them like that, you can save more money instead of buying the individuals ones.

Cheese Board and Tools

Don't forget to pick out fun cheese boards and tools, this makes creating one even more fun for yourself or guests. Shop below for some of my favorites!

You can dress up the boards even more by having a tasty mustard, pickles, pickled vegetables, grapes, apples, or jam. Remember to put small servings because you don't want these flavors to take over.

Do you have cheese or charcuterie board essentials/favorites? Comment below!