Carry On Essentials



Happy Monday from Vegas! I have to say starting my work week at a nutrition conference here isn't so bad. With all this traveling to get here, I felt like it was a good time to talk about those carry on essentials!

1. Passport and wallet: Don't forget these, you can't go anywhere without them! With the RealID being implemented nationwide, flying with your passport until you update will be necessary (on all domestic flights). You can read all about it here. Shop below for my favorite wallets and passport covers!

2. iPad and magazines: I always need some form of entertainment when traveling, especially long distances! I currently have an app, called Texture, where you can download all the magazines you want and can have them from your phone or iPad. I also like having a hard copy in case my battery doesn’t make it.

3. Beauty Essentials: Always have your quart size ziploc bags, and your items in their 3 oz or less containers. Some things I make sure to have in my carry on are travel size cleanser, moisturizer, lip gloss/chapstick, sheet mask, and eye mask. Why do you ask? Just in case you’re stuck in the airport, and need to freshen your face, you’ve got easy to pack essentials! Flying isn’t always a guarantee you arrive on time or that you won’t have to spend a night in the airport. I didn’t think this was something I would carry until taking a red eye from LAX, and having to freshen up before catching the next flight that morning. You can at least wash the day off you face, and feel a little more awake by having something like these. You can find them in the sample section of your favorite beauty store, or ask for travel sizes when you check out.

4. Protein Bar: You can’t take this through security so wait until your picking out your magazine and bottle of water. I love the RxBars, and you can find them in most of the news stand stores.

5. Carry On Bag: Make sure you have a good bag to carry around the airport. And make it one bag. I love my large purse but don’t usually travel with that and my tote through the airport. Bring a versatile carry on and your wallet, I pack a clutch for nice dinners and using around town for my purse outside the airport. Longchamp makes my favorite bags, shop below for fun colors!



While we’re on travel accessories, I’d thought I would share my favorite luggage. This was a gift right before our honeymoon, and they have been my favorite luggage ever since! Made by Delsey, these are huge and durable. Phil and I were able to pack both of them with all the stuff we needed.

Do you have any favorites that you travel with? Anything you have to have in your carry on?



Note: this is not a sponsored post, just sharing my travel favorites!