Friday Find: Jamie Scott Fitness + SWEAT + Palmetto Health Foundation

This Friday I am very excited to tell you all about Jamie Scott Fitness (JSF) pairing up with the Palmetto Health Foundation for a wonderful cause! Shannon, one of their instructors and who is a nurse from Palmetto Health (also one of my favorite people!),  helped to coordinate classes each month to raise money for different hospital groups. The classes are only $10 each, and with classes being once a month, Friday afternoons at 5:30, until June. Each class will be donated towards either the Trauma Center, Children's Hospital, Camp Kemo Program, or the Cancer Centers! You can go to JSF website, and sign up (I have the dates listed at the bottom). Spots are limited, so make sure you get in there early. This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved here in Columbia! Not only do you have the chance to check out a new gym, but you get to give back to an organization that works to take care of our community. It takes everyone to help take care of our hospitalized patients, no job or donation is too small to help these programs! They do everything from help to improve hospital systems to providing  care packages to families to children programs.

If you are not from Columbia, I highly encourage you to seek out programs such as these or start your own. If any local gym is hosting an event that raises money for a good cause, whether its your home gym or not, check it out. It's a great way for you to get involved with people and help contribute to your community.

Here are the dates and the programs that will be benefited with your donation! Remember each class starts at 5:30 pm, and donation of $10.

January 19th 7x7 + Recovery (Hyperice) at Jamie Scott Fitness - Trauma Center

February 16th SWEAT after Dark at SWEAT - Children's Hospital 

March 16th Hyperice Recovery at Jamie Scott Fitness - Camp Kemo Program 

April 13th SWEAT for Survival at SWEAT - Cancer Centers 

May 18th Core 2.0 + Recovery (Hyperice) at Jamie Scott Fitness - Trauma Center 

June 15 SWEAT HIP HOP Ride at SWEAT - Camp Kemo Program 

Make sure and sign up, or reach out in your community to participate in a similar program!

Love, Jess