Welcome to the Small Finds

Hello! and welcome to the Small Finds blog! I have always loved blogging, and have attempted several times at keeping up with it. But the first 5 years of my career kept me pretty busy. As I have started to really get into a routine with my profession, my husband encouraged me to start back up my favorite hobby. I decided to rename, and redesign the blog so that I could bring to you all of my favorite finds. My family and friends love to share with one another the latest restaurant, recipe, beauty product, fashion trend, and travel experience. We all seem to start the conversation with "have you tried this" or "you have to go here when you travel" , and so begins a wonderful suggestion people always seem to enjoy. Other people's finds help shape what we experience, and I wanted this to be a place where I could help share those. Hence, the Small Finds blog!

Each post will bring you a "small find"; this can be a restaurant, boutique, clothing item, beauty product, travel experience, etc. This will be a collection of finds that you can take back and experience with your loved ones! Each post will be a couple of pictures and paragraphs with honest reviews of our favorite things.

Here's a little about me to kick things off.

I currently live in Columbia, South Carolina with my husband, Phil. Columbia is the capital of our state, and has really turned into a charming city over the year. I graduated from Clemson University in 2012 (Go Tigers!) in Food Science and attended Mayo Clinic for my dietetic internship. I work now as a nutrition support dietitian for the trauma/surgery team at our hospital, which always provides for a challenging and interesting work day. Phil and I recently got married in our beautiful city, and enjoy just spending each day with one another! We love to travel, exercise, binge watch Friends together, cook, make each other laugh, and overall love one another through the fun and challenging times. He is a wonderful man and husband, life's pretty fun! We both come from amazing families, and have siblings that are our best friends. We have also been blessed with wonderful friends who spread out near and far, we always have great places to visit and fun times at home.  While blogging is just one of my favorite hobbies, I also love Pure Barre, a good book, and attempts at good recipes (just because you graduate with a food degree, it does not make you an automatic chef). This time of year with the holidays really makes you grateful for all of those wonderful things in life :)